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Control Unmasked Comments

Control Unmasked Comments

Intriguing!  A book for women and men to help understand women and their problems.  A book that will have you look at your life and others’ lives with understanding and thankfulness to God.
Rev. Revita De Chalus, MS, LPC 
Co-Founder, Lord of Hope Ministries International
Streamwood, IL
Author of, Aaron & Sons of Aaron: Reflections
'Won't He Make You Clean Inside!'
WOWWE! & more ...
A fresh concept—looking at what we as women have done wrong.  Control Unmasked helps us see how we can make positive changes in our lives.
Pastor Georgia Harvey
Co-Pastor, House of Glory
Calumet City, IL
Author of, Wounded in My Father’s House
Leaving What You Love
21 Reasons: He's Not the One
While You Are Waiting & more ...
Engaging for women who believe that being strong and independent is an asset; a realization that total control belongs to God. 
Minister Celeste E. Kelley
Co-Founder & Director, The S.I.S.T.A.H.S. Ministry International
Redford, MI
Author of, The “Sister Girl…” Series
Very real.  Real language.  Real life situations.  Finally—open discussion of relationship issues and ways that the church can sometimes be misleading in the lives of Christians.
Joni Bovill
Actress & Singer
Simi Valley, CA

Control Unmasked, I do not want to put it too far away.  I refer to it in my broadcasts and use it for clarification, support, and seminars. I have recommended CU for counseling and group study.  Get your copy.  You will do yourself a favour.  Blessings -
Rev. Dr. Barbara Stuart, PhD, LCPC
Counselor, Minister & Founder
Faith Restoration Ministries, International
Shekinah Theological College, Inc.
Rex, GA
Author of, The Institution of Marriage: Betrayal of Sacred Trust
Ten Qs? Ten Questions to ask myself before I say I DO
Grace - God's Unmerited Favour, & many more ...